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Bravo Software Group ensures you get timely releases, especially when an industry standard changes.

Why choose Bravo for your EC needs?


About Bravo Software Group:

  • Incorporated in 1985, Bravo Software Group have been at the forefront of technology for over 15 years. The first company to provide EDI, Faxing, Remote Order Entry and Internet solutions for ACCPAC. We have won numerous awards and recognitions including "ACCPAC International Windows Product of the Year for RemoteDesk", "Nominated for Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year", "VarBusiness award in North America" for custom programming solutions. We continue our excellence in providing Adagio Accounting solutions and integrated products for EDI, EC and add-ons.  Bravo Software Group is a company that will continue to deliver dependable, proven software solutions and support well through the millenium.

EC Specialists:

  • Bravo Software Group have been developing pure Electronic Commerce solutions since 1995, and over these years we have expanded our EC offerings to incorporate leading edge technologies such as e-mail, PocketPC, WAP, cellular and shopping cart to web integration. More recently we have taken a number of companies from the front end of their corporate website, to the back-end of their accounting system with shopping cart and RemoteDesk e.Commerce combinations. Installations such as Playmobil, Augustan Wine Distributors provide DisneyWorld with their wine), and Tong Garden (largest distributor of nuts in Asia), ScotiaBank, Toronto Dominion Bank, and many more are choosing our solutions, and benefiting from our quality software, expertise, and support. Join the thousands of successful companies that have purchased and continue to use Bravo Software Group products since 1985.

EDI Specialists:

  • Bravo Software Group have been EDI consultants and EDI solution providers since 1990. Our EDI experience and expertise has grown to a network of professionals across the US and Canada who provide the software and service necessary to meet all of your needs. Our integrated solution, strategic relationships, and dealer network make us the #1 EDI solution to exceed your EDI goals for today and tomorrow.

Accounting Integration Specialists:

    Bravo Software Group has a number of Adagio, Sage Accpac, and Great Plains Dynamics integrated products that are distributed worldwide. As third party developers for these and other great products, our products capitalize on new technology and extend accounting into the electronic age with automated faxing, remote order/Internet processing & data capture/management to EDI integration. Our experience has given us a time proven cycle of product development techniques from beta testing, documentation, quality testing, conformity testing, and user friendliness, to service, support and upgrade procedures. Deloitte & Touche product reviews, success stories or letters of reference are available upon request.

    Our extensive business experience has made us first choice with extending system functionality to other external systems such as the internet, banking systems, and electronic commerce. We are dedicated to our time proven history of product development, reseller channels and end user support.

EDI Philosophy:

  • Our specialty is with accounting integration, so when we chose to do EDI solutions for accounting systems, we had to decide whether we were going to expand our offerings and develop a translator that would be built-in to the system, or have the user select an industry standard translator, that would have had a greater than 10 year history with successful EDI interactions. Because once EDI is installed, there is no room for error, failure or delays, we decided that letting the user select or having us recommend a translator (we do not resell translators to maintain our objectiveness), would provide the BEST POSSIBLE SOLUTION! We focus on accounting interaction, and have the translator maintain all the EDI standards, versions, mappings, and implementation/transaction sets. We decided not to re-invent proven products, but to integrate our expertise with them. Hence, the need for 2 separate pieces, EDI-PAC and the Translator.

    EDI-PAC and EDI-PAC/2000 provides accounting integration for transactions such as purchase orders, invoices, shipment and billing notices, and the list continues to grow. By combining our EDI-PAC solutions with a commercial industry standard EDI translator, such as SoftShare, Trading Partner PC, Mercator, Sterling, EDIABLE, St. Pauls Software and ProEDI, you have the most powerful solution for your accounting needs.


  • Bravo Software Group is dedicated to electronic commerce solutions for Adagio Accounting from Softrak Systems, Sage Accpac and Accpac Plus. Our dealer and user base ensures that our software continues to improve and address real life business encounters.

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