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  e.Business Experts August 2003  

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Toshiba inks deal with Bravo

Bravo president Tracy Repchuk honoured

Bravo president Tracy Repchuk releases first book

Bravo president Tracy Repchuk appears on ROB TV

Bravo president becomes National Coordinator for the Canadian Poetry Association

Bravo president Tracy Repchuk releases first book

Poetry of Business

Poetry is everywhere, whether it's in a business meeting, a new venture, bankruptcy, or your first sale, every moment represents life, and a major portion of the way we spend our day. As a business owner for almost 20 years, I have seen alot, experienced a lot, and ridden the roller coaster of the business industry with both hands in the air.

You will enjoy this book, whether you appreciate poetry, understand it, or have no idea why poetry even exists except to plague you in high school. It is an easy to understand format, that takes the raw emotions of situations, and presents them to you. Page after page, if you've been there, you'll get it. As a gift for that new venturist or the work-a-holic in your life, they will appreciate that you can see what they do everyday.

ISBN: 0-9731832-0-9

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Greetings from Bravo
The past few months have been very exciting for Bravo, especially from a recognition perspective. This month we are going to put our focus on the staff and company, and leave next month for the exciting new version announcements. With continued thanks to our dealers and end users, we share the following good news with you!
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  • Toshiba inks deal with Bravo Software Group
  •    These past few months we have been working with Toshiba USA with respect to the distribution of RemoteDesk directly on their hardware. Toshiba Tablet PCs, servers and handheld devices will carry RemoteDesk and/or RemoteCE already preloaded! Easy to order, already installed, and ready for accounting product integration. With all their fabulous hardware in-house we have been working to simplify and improve all aspects of the product, including the wireless updating from a handheld. It has been very exciting, and we will get you more information as the preloaded hardware releases.

    In the meantime, get familiar with Toshiba's product line, and you'll be ready to quote and order direct for your clients.

    Portege 3500 PocketPC e750Pocket PC e750
  • Bravo President Honoured

    Bravo president Tracy Repchuk (Broadbent) has been very busy these past few years with volunteer work, the establishment of 2 new companies, writing for a TV pilot, and releasing her first book. Lately she was honoured with a Volunteer recognition award, and nominated for Milton Chamber of Commerce "Business Woman of the Year". Both these awards were great honours, were published locally as news events, and has provided local support and growth for Bravo. Congratulations to Tracy Repchuk for her fine efforts within the community.
    Business Woman of the Year Volunteer recognition

  • Tracy Repchuk appears on ROB TV
  •    For the second time in 12 months, Bravo president Tracy Repchuk (Broadbent) was invited to appear on ROB TV with Michael Vaughn and the Bottom Line. It was fantastic exposure for Bravo, RemoteDesk and she managed to also plug ACCPAC and Adagio in her discussions. Drop by the office and see the tapes sometime, we're hoping this is the start of something very new - especially since she has just completed writing 12 episodes of a TV pilot that is now in the hands of Cullen Robertson productions.
  • Bravo president becomes National Coordinator for the Canadian Poetry Association
  •    Canadian Poetry Association For those of you who know Tracy well, you have come to realize she has 2 identities. Tracy Broadbent, from a business perspective, and Tracy Lynn Repchuk is the writer and poet. This past June she was honoured to become the National Coordinator for the Canadian Poetry Association, and is proud to represent the association and the promotion of poetry in Canada. Join us in congratulating her as she embarks on her new journey as author and poet.

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