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Bravo Software Group wants to make your selection easier by highlighting key differences within our products.
Remote OE

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RemoteDesk and Remote Order Entry

What are the differences between them?


  • RemoteDesk - this solution replaces the need for ACCPAC at a remote site. RemoteDesk is a full-featured quote, order and invoicing system that feeds the data back to the head office. You can add new customers and ship-to's on the fly, and much more. It works via e-mail, so is very cost effective.
  • Remote Order Entry- is a product designed for ACCPAC to ACCPAC sites. A separate product is available for Plus (Remote Order Entry), and one for ACCPAC Advantage (Remote OE.W).
  • Remote Support:
    • Remote OE is generally used for a branch office updating a head office with orders, invoices or credit notes.
    • RemoteDesk is better suited for sales reps, customers and the web, but with the Invoicer module it can do a good job with branch offices also.

    Status of Remote Sites:
    • Remote Order Entry is a product designed for companies to link remote sites, that already have ACCPAC installed. Remote Order Entry requires that the remote locations have ACCPAC System Manager and ACCPAC Order Entry.
    • RemoteDesk replaces these products at the remote site. No accounting software is required at the remote site.
    • If the remote site does not already have the accounting software installed, it is more cost effective to use RemoteDesk.

    • Remote Order Entry for Plus can only use a modem to send files to head office. Remote OE.W can use e-mail.
    • RemoteDesk uses any method such as internet e-mail or if you prefer modem, cc.mail or Microsoft Exchange.

    Data Synchronization:
    • RemoteDesk already handles the synchronization built-in. It updates new customers, items, pricing, quantities, and order status back and forth automatically. It updates only the modified records, so it is fast.
    • Remote OE for Plus updates by compressing the applicable database files and overwriting these at the remote site. The files can be very large and costly to send over modem. Remote OE.W has modules to handle this that provide for updating modified records only. Each of these are sold separately.

    Migrating from Plus to Windows:

    • For RemoteDesk migration is easy. RemoteDesk is a Windows application that works with ACCPAC Plus AND ACCPAC for Windows, from the same product.
    • For Remote OE, they cannot be migrated. Remote OE is a pure DOS application, and Remote OE.W is a pure Windows application. You need to purchase them separately.


    • RemoteDesk has an eCommerce version that handles the co-ordination of orders from your own shopping cart, or by using the FREE shopping cart RemoteShop that is provided with the product, with your ACCPAC data.
    • For Remote OE and Remote OE.W, there are no eCommerce features

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