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    RemoteDesk Version Information

    Thanks very much for your support of our product. We hope you will find the new features and improvements an asset to your company. We have made a number of exciting changes to the RemoteDesk program due to requests from current endusers.

    Before installing an update, please read me!

    • RemoteDesk Version 5.1 - June 2004
    • RemoteDesk Version 5.0 - Dec 2003
    • RemoteDesk Version 4.2 - March 2003
    • RemoteDesk Version 4.1 - Oct 2002
    • RemoteDesk Version 4.0 - Oct 2002
    • RemoteDesk Version 3.5 - March 2002
    • RemoteDesk Version 3.1 - Aug 2001
    • RemoteDesk Version 3.0 - Feb 2001
    • RemoteDesk Version 2.5 - Aug 2000
    • RemoteDesk Version 2.4 - Jan 2000
    • RemoteDesk Version 2.3.1 - Aug 1999
    • RemoteDesk Version 2.3 - May 1999
    • RemoteDesk Version 2.2.2c - Jan 1999
    • RemoteDesk Version 2.2.2b - Sept. 1998
    • RemoteDesk Version 2.2.2a - May 1998
    • RemoteDesk Version 2.1 - Jan 1998
    • RemoteDesk Version 2.0.4 - Sept. 1997
    • RemoteDesk Version 2.0 - May 1997

      RemoteDesk: Version 5.0 New Features - Dec. 2003

      Version 5.0 Features

      RemoteDesk Version 5.0
      Dec 2003

      Thanks very much for your support of our product. We hope you will find the new features and improvements an asset to your company. We have made a number of exciting changes to the RemoteDesk program due to requests from current endusers.

      Before installing an update, please read me!
    • If you have live data, do not install this version. Customer Care members will be given a special link that includes conversion tables for your data, plus we will provide you with a utility which will allow your remotes to update concurrently. This is for new installations only.
    • You must currently have Version 4.0 or 4.1 to upgrade to version 5.0.
    • Ensure that your RemoteDesk \database folder is backed up.
    • Run the database file compression utility found in the menu File/ "Maintenance" program. At the same time running the maintenance utility, you can also clear all of the audit reports if this has not been done for a while by clicking on "Empty all audit files". Click on "Pack Tables" and Proceed.
    • Run the RemoteDesk program Updater . The program will convert your existing orders, quotes and invoices.
    • The final step is an automated upgrade to the BDE database engine on your PC. Reply YES to proceed with the installation. There will be a series of questions. Simply accept the defaults for all messages and proceed with the installation.
    • Once the process is completed, you can start RemoteDesk and Import the Customers, Items and Lookup Tables from your accounting system.

      A Data Conversion Is Required For Version 5.0
      Once the RemoteDesk data has been converted to version 5.0, the Administrator PC needs to IMPORT all customer, ship addresses and item master files from the accounting system. You must also update all remote sites with new data by using the SEND function and sending customer, lookup tables and items to all remotes after they have converted to RemoteDesk version 5.0.Pocket PC Database Conversion - there is a new CEaccessDB.mdb with new indexes. For user with the RemtoeDesk TradeShow version, the CeaccessDB.mdb file from each of the ActiveSync folders for each of your PDA devices has to be manually deleted from the folder. The next time RemoteDesk communicates with any of the devices, the table will get added with the new version.

      Version 5.0 Features

    • New Order Entry features
      • Serial Number entry option - A new option available when using the RemoteDesk add-on, "Bar Code and Item Translation" allows the user to enter a UPC code or scan in a bar code directly into the detail order entry form. The program allows the entry of an alternate part number for all standard accounting item numbers and will retrieve the correct master item number and pricing.

        To use this feature, set this option on in the Company Profile Process Options: System Options "Settings" button and turn on "Enable prompt for serial numbers during item entry." This feature works on the fact that an item may have "serial numbers" set in the accounting database. You can also set RemoteDesk to only prompt for serial numbers for items that belong to a certain category code. That is all items belonging to this category, will have a serial number prompt. This can be set in the Company Profile, System Settings, "Prompt for item serial numbers that have a category code of:' Set the category code here.

      • Alternate Item Number Entry - A new option available when using the RemoteDesk add-on, "Bar Code and Item Translation" allows the user to enter a UPC code or scan in a bar code directly into the detail order entry form. The program allows the entry of an alternate part number for all standard accounting item numbers and will retrieve the correct master item number and pricing.

        To use this option - set this option on in the Company Profile Process Options: "Settings" button and turn on "Enable item number bar code translation in order entry" set to YES

      • New default Ship-to address for customer in order entry - When a new sales order is created with a Customer record that has only 1 Ship-to code address, the single ship-to code is automatically selected for the ship-to address of the order. The ship-to address is filled in on the ship-to screen. Previously, the user would have to go to the ship-to screen to set the ship-to code.

      • A new alternate "expected ship date" can be automatically set - The "expected ship date" on a sales order is set by the program either to be the same as the order date or a calculation is performed. Now the date can also be set to a "base date" of 01/01/2000. This 'base date" can be used by your shipping department to indicate that an expected ship date must fill in or some action on the order must happen before it can be processed. How the "Expected Date" is calculated is enabled in the "Order Template" menu choice on the Profile menu. To use the new feature, set the "Expected Ship Date" calculation to none in the Order Template function.

      • Order Comment field expanded - Order comments which are added to an order on the detail form can now have up to 75 characters for each comment. Previously, the comments were only 30 characters long.

      • New POS feature for payment tendered - When the POS feature is used in conjunction with the RemoteDesk "Invoicing Option" add-on, you can apply a payment tender type to each invoice as it is posted. Now it is possible to have up to 4 different payments types applied to one invoice. There is a new payment tender form that appears when this POS option is enabled, and the user can enter multiple partial payments to the one invoice total. The payment methods such as credit card and cash are all defined in the POS Settings form in the Company Profile.

      • New item pricing with special sale start/end dates - RemoteDesk now can calculate special pricing for items that are "on sale" between a sale start and end dates. This information from the accounting system item master record is now loaded into the RemoteDesk database for additional pricing flexibility. This "on sale" can be managed at the "price list " level in the inventory control system.

      • New report "Day End Summary" - has been added to RemoteDesk to provide a convenient way to list orders or invoices for the day and included totals of payments applied. The report can be selected for a particular "site" range as well as "date" range. This report is particularly useful for POS type environments or where the daily sales should be totaled.

      • New RemoteDesk desktop look - RemoteDesk main menu desktop has a new look to more closely resemble an XP look and feel. The menu bars are almost identical to the way they were previously. We thought it was time after almost 7 years since its first release.

    • New Communications features
      • Enhanced remote site registration process - The process that creates the client acknowledgment message and sends it back to the Administrator is more fault tolerant. Scenarios such as when the PC can not connect to the internet, a problem arises in the sending operation can now easily perform a resend or retry to send back the Acknowledgement message to the Administrator.

      • New sales order receipt log sent back to remotes - There is a now a new sales order receipt acknowledgement log for remote sites. When the Administrator receives sales orders from the remote sites they are now being recorded in a special log file for each remote site. A new "order acknowlegement" feature will automatically send back a log of sales orders received to each remote site as they are received. With this feature the remote sites get a confirmation of the orders received at the head office. When the remote site does a regular receive of any updates, the order acknowledgements will automatically be displayed on the screen informing them of the orders received at the head office. If the receipt log is picked up by regular mail the body of the message is updated with the information and there is also a text attachment that can be read or saved.

        To use this option - set this option on in the Company Profile Process Options: "Settings" button, scroll to the "General Processing options" and turn on "Receive process option - auto send back to remotes receipt log" set to YES

      • New Internet configuration test feature - This new feature allows the user to test the internet connections such as server names and password at the time the internet communication settings are entered. This makes error corrections easier and allows the user to check all settings quickly. This feature is available via a "Test" button on the Company Profile Communication screen.

      • A new Internet option for SMTP servers - has been added to facilitate communications to SMTP servers that require sender authentication. The Company Profile Communications form now has a new option to define SMTP authentication. The authentication can be the same as the user log on user id and password or can be something unique.

    • New Remote Client Site features

      • Remote Maintenance has new user interface - a new list of all remote sites is now displayed automatically in the function. It is now easy to quickly view each remote site record with just the arrows key.

      • New feature to update remote configurations - The Remote Maintenance function now provides a feature to set all System Settings for the remote client to the same settings as the Administrator. Previously only selected settings could be managed centrally, now virtually all of them can be updated to the remote sites. To use this feature, edit a remote client site record in Remote Maintenance. Tab onto the "Site Options" form. Click on the "Send all system INI settings" field with a check mark. Then click on the "UPDATE" button to send a configuration message to the remote site. When they receive the message, all of their settings will be automatically updated.

      • Bar Code Translation updates to remote sites - When you use the RemoteDesk "Bar Code - Item Translation" add-on, the item translation table containing all of the alternate part numbers for each of your inventory item codes is automatically updated to the remote sites when a site button "Update" is clicked. This way, all the item translation setup is managed centrally at the head office.

      • Remote client Base Type can now be up to 10 sales people - Previously a client site could be set to only 1 salesperson code. Now up to 10 different sales person codes can be set on 1 remote client record. In this way, other sales staff customers could easily be transferred to another remote client site if a sales person leaves the company or goes on vacation. There may also be need to "share" customer records between remote client sites. This gives more control over which customer profiles get sent to each site.

      • New security lock for orders or invoices created at remote sites - A new order/ invoice protection option can now be set to disable any edits to an order or invoice once it has been entered into the program. This option is particularly useful for remote sales entry when the user is "temporary" and you want to capture everything that is posted without any changes once it has been posted.

        To use this option - set this option on in the Company Profile Process Options: "Settings" button and turn on "Prevent all editing of orders/invoices once they are saved?" set to YES

    • Issues Resolved
      • The Company Profile interface form for ACCPAC Plus and ADAGIO Accounting are now able to set interface options such as "set qty shipped on orders" and "Use accounting systems pricing on all items. These options are accesses by clicking on the "Settings" button next to the Accounting data path field.

      • Order tax calculations had occasional rounding errors when inventory items were credited on a sales order. Now the tax calculation is the same for both selling and returns shown on orders.

      • Point of Sales Cash transactions would pass the GL account to ACCPAC without right-justifying the account. This would cause the GL not to find the account. This has been corrected.

      • Point of sales Cash transactions were incorrectly sending the "cash tendered" amount instead of the actual cost of the invoice to the accounting system. This would cause the cash received to be off by the amount of over payment.

    • New PDA Pocket PC features in RemoteDesk

      • PPC Send and Receive Logs - New status Logs view is available for looking at the results of communications to and from the Pocket PC clients. The "Log' button on the Send and Receive forms now has a Pocket PC selection. This records the last PPC site being updated and is useful when troubleshooting the records and actual data being read, filtered and then sent to the PPC device. The Receive log has more details on each of the lines read from the device file.

      • Email to the Pocket PC - A new Pocket PC option to send customer and item data files to the remote Pocket PC client via Email has been added. The remote site using a Pocket PC and RemoteCE has to enable the Email communications option on the PPC/HPC form in the Remote Maintenance profile for the site.

      • Improved receive of PPC sales orders - The Receive function at the Administrator has improved processing for orders sent by Email from a Pocket PC RemoteCE client. The Pocket PC programs can now easily email one or more orders using the "Email" orders option in RemoteCE. With advances in the Pocket PC hardware and software, this now facilitates easier operation.

      • A new setting allows the default comment to be added to Pocket PC orders - The default comment from the Order Template or the site profile OE Settings screen to be used on retrieved or received Pocket PC orders. In this way, the comment from the Pocket PC order will be appended to the standard RemoteDesk default comment.

    • New PDA RemoteCE programs for the Pocket PC

      • New option for Customer Price lists - With a new RemoteCE program, customer price lists can now be sent to the PPC device. With this feature, only the actual items belonging to the customer price list will be sent to the device. There is a new order entry form on the PPC for this new feature. This program displays the items in a selection list and is useful for sales people that normally fill in re-order forms on paper. This is not a scanner enabled entry form.

      • New order emailing feature - The "Print" function available during order entry now also has an emailing function. This new option, formats and emails the order in a specific form compatible with the Administrator for processing e-mailed PDA orders. This easily allows sales people on the road to e-mail each order as they are processed in a wireless manner or when they finally get connected to a modem or cell phone device, can send the acccumulated e-mail orders to the head office for immediate processing. It is not necessary to take the PDA into the head office to sync the orders into the Administrator PC.

      • New order emailing feature for Day End on Pocket PC - When the Day End process on the Pocket PC is run, the program creates a report file of all of the orders processed. The user instead of "saving" this report file on the device, can also Email this report to head office. This feature permits the user to stay in the field making sales calls and not have to return to head office to synchronize the orders. This email option is easier for the sales person to use than the previous version.

      • New import features for all master tables - The Pocket PC with emailing capabilities can now receive mail messages from the Administrator that contain updated customer or item files. These files can be imported into the RemoteCE programs easily for changes to the data.

      • Correction on retrieved Pocket PC order lines - Orders retrieve into RemoteDesk from the Pocket PC would have the sequence of the detail lines changed once the order was saved in RemoteDesk. Now the order detail sequence on the Pocket PC and in RemoteDesk are kept the same.

      RemoteDesk: Version 4.0 New Features - Oct. 2002

      Version 4.0 Features

    • Compatible with version 5.0 of ACCPAC Windows
        The interface programs in RemoteDesk have been updated and converted to work with version 5.0 of ACCPAC as well as prior versions.

    • Improved remote site data receive for customer and items
        When the item file is received into the remote site, the item files are all replaced with new data. Previously the item data was updated on the remote site to allow for deleted items that may still appear in old orders. There is a special setting to allow new customer data to replace existing data in the remote site. By default this setting performs a customer file update to allow multiple different customer files to be "added together" on the single remote site. This is useful when the site may be responsible for multiple sales people and their customers.

      RemoteDesk: Version 3.5 New Features - March 2002

    • Microsoft XP Compliant

    • Adagio Compliant
        This version now directly integrates with Adagio and no longer requires that an existing ACCPAC database, Windowing System Manager or LANPAK be present.

    • New Remote Administrator product
        There is a new version of RemoteDesk called "Remote Administrator". The Remote Administrator (RA) acts as a RemoteDesk Administrator away from the head office. It can co-ordinate multiple remotes at a trade show, show room or external office where orders are collected. The Remote Administrator collects local sales orders and bundles them under 1 remote location, and this remote location is how the orders are grouped and tracked at the head office. Later, it receives updates for customer and item pricing tables to update the local Pocket PCs or laptop PC's.

        Registering Remote Maintenance:
        To add a normal site in Remote Maintenance you would click on the NEW button. When ready to add your "Remote Administrator " site to the Remote Maintenance form, position the mouse over the NEW button and right-click instead. A pop-up menu allows you to choose a regular remote site or a "Remote Administrator" type site. The new site is given the site ID of H02. It is not necessary to register the Remote Admin site like you would do with a normal site, it is automatically registered in RemoteDesk when you click on SAVE. It is not necessary to define any site options for this remote site. They can all be set up at the Remote Administrator PC. Note the "Remote Administrator" has a unique serial number and is sold separately from a normal remote client site

        Operation of Enter New Orders and the Remote Administrator version
        There are several menu choices under the FILE drop-down menu that are enabled in the "Administrator " and "Remote Administrator" version to handle synchronization of orders from the Pocket PC in an automated fashion. "Retrieve" provides a direct interface to pull orders from the Pocket PC in to the Order Entry program. "Retrieve Log " provides a detailed status log of all transactions that have been retrieved from the Pocket PC. "Synchronize PPC" enables the ActiveSync communications interface between the Pocket PC and the desktop computer to begin updating files. This can be used if MS ActiveSync did not begin automatically when the device is docked.
    • Pocket PC Interface Features There have been numerous Pocket PC feature additions added to this version.
      • There are two types of Order Entry programs for the PocketPC.
        • One allows the part numbers to be scanned (bar code or wand)
        • the other is for normal manual entry of the item number by the user

      • Salesperson identified: There is now a drop down list that contains the sales person code as it exists in RemoteDesk. This sales person list is automatically created when RemoteDesk imports data from your accounting system. The new programs also allow the addition of new customer information into the Pocket PC and then later download that to the desktop PC.

      • Multiple device Handling
          The Send program in the Administrator has been updated to better handle the updating of multiple Pocket PC device records for customer and item information. You may have multiple devices that synchronize to one laptop. In this case, the Send program cycles through each device that has been defined in RemoteDesk and prompts for the device to be mounted in it docking station for synchronization.

    • New Point of Sales payment options for invoices
        When creating invoices in RemoteDesk, payments can now be applied against the invoice entered. In this way, RemoteDesk can be used effectively in store fronts where there is moderate volume purchasing occurring. The payment type can be recorded as credit cards, cheque (check), or cash. The new payment form also does change calculations and currency conversions between two currencies. Typically Canadian and US dollars.

        There is a new setting button in the "Company Profile" Process Options page called POS Options. If this button is not enabled, then click on the System Setting button in the Company Profile and change the option for "Enable POS options for Order Entry" to YES. In the "POS Options" form, you can set the payment default type, normally this is "On AR Account". You can also edit your own descriptions for each of the payment types such as Credit Card Types or CASH and the GL account-dept that is to be used in the accounting system. Any payment types left blank are not used. There is also an option to allow foreign currency conversion at the POS screen in Order Entry. You can enter a foreign currency, defined here with the exchange rate. In the POS entry form, the operator can choose to enter a foreign currency for cash tendered such as US or Canadian dollars, and the program converts that to home currency. The program shows the change back or additional amount required. When invoices are passed to ACCPAC Plus, the cash in turn is passed to Accounts Receivable by Day End processing. Note that ACCPAC requires a unique "Chq number/ CC number" for each "cash" transaction. The program generates a date-time stamp number that can be used later.

    • Automatic Order files integrity checking
        A new database integrity check has been added to the "Enter New Orders" function. When the program starts up, the order header and detail files are checked for consistency and are compacted on each new day the "Enter New Orders" function is accessed. This may take a few seconds to do, but it ensures the most important files in RemoteDesk have structure integrity.

    • User defined Logos
        In addition to having a user defined logo appear on the order entry forms, you can also attach one to the main desktop of RemoteDesk as well, increasing your company awareness and maximizing the relationship.

    • ACCPAC Windows interface
        The interface to pass orders to ACCPAC Order Entry has been updated to adapt to the version 4.2 changes made to OE by PTFs.

    • Markup Pricing Correction
        There was a problem calculating markup pricing on an item that did not have a cost in the "standard costing" field. Normally standard cost is used to calculate a markup price. However, ACCPAC would consider the value in "most recent cost" for the item if the standard cost was 0.00. RemoteDesk now does the same. Additionally, the display of item information in the "Table Maintenance" function has been changed to show markup information correctly.

    • Missing Line Display Correction
        Occasionally when order lines were edited or added to an existing order, the detail lines would not show correctly during the printing of the document. This has been corrected.

      RemoteDesk: Version 3.1 New Features - Aug 2001

    • New Emailing Add-on for all documents
        A new add-on has been created in the Order Entry program which allows you to send via Email an order, quote or invoice to anyone that has an Email address. While an order, invoice or quote is displayed, click on the FILE dropdown menu and click on SEND. A form is then displayed allowing you to choose which form to use. The document may be sent as a text file attachment allowing anyone to see the document or a Windows Word Document, the generic word processing form that comes with Windows. The Windows Word form can contain graphics and font text. There is a default form that is used for each of the Order, Invoice and Quote forms that can be E-mailed.

        Users on our RemoteDesk Customer Program will receive this add-on for FREE. SRP: $99 value.

        The document details are as follows:

        Email Template nameDocument being sent
        ECSendOrdWW.RPTOrder sending in Windows Word
        ECSendOrdTXT.RPTOrder sending in text file
        ECSendInvWW.RPTInvoice sending in Windows Word
        ECSendInvTXT.RPTInvoice sending in text file
        ECSendQotWW.RPTQuote sending in Windows Word
        ECSendQotTXT.RPTQuote sending in text file

        The templates can be found in the \remotedesk\reports folder.

    • Updated to Support Windows 2000
        Windows 2000 has changed the use of the Windows Registry for network and workgroup use. There are now "Profiles" for the Registry. RemoteDesk has been updated to accommodate this change by writing all Registry Settings to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Bravo Software Group\RemoteDesk

    • Improved Import Data operation
        The Import Data user interface now allows for the selection of either 1 or all of the customers, ship-tos and items to be imported at the same time. Each master file now has their own source settings. This makes importing from ASCII files easier.

    • Flexible field names for Enter New Orders option
        This option allows you to custom tailor the entry screen for your company requirements. The field names on the order header screen that can be altered are: "Loc", "Ref/PO", "Ship via", "Territory", "Contact", "Salesperson", Exempt1", "Exempt2", "Ship#", "Ship name", "Address", "City", "State/Prov", "Zip/Postal". These fields can be changed using a special utility which is provided by Bravo Software Group to any users on our "Customer Care" program or Bravo dealer members.

    • Two additional user-defined fields in IC
        The Import Data function has expanded. This is used when importing inventory items from the accounting system. To access these two fields, you must have the setting "Skip Item Optional Fields Form during Import Inventory" set to NO. This setting can be seen in the Company Profile on the Process Options tab and clicking on the "Settings" button. You should see the Settings for User-Defined Fields form when importing items.

        Using the new user-defined fields - These fields can be updated from the master accounting items file and then used during printing processes in RemoteDesk, like Order Printing. When the Items are imported from the accounting item master file, a form is displayed called Settings for User-Defined Fields. Notice that the second column has a drop down select box for the field name. Two additional fields can now be chosen here. "User defined field 3" and "User defined field 4". Select one of these to see a new form that allows you to choose optional fields from the ACCPAC item master file. There are two new text fields that can be pulled from the Item Comments area. The fields can come from any of the four comment lines.

        Example using new item comment field access - Choose User defined field 3 from the field drop down list. A form called Additional UDF Settings is displayed. Click on the Field Content drop down box. Choose "Item Comment Field A" from the list. The Item Comment area of the form can now be edited. Enter the "comment line number" to choose from. When you enter the "Character position" to begin reading for the text you want, you can use a position number or a starting symbol. For example in the following comment line: "This item is ready to use. No assembly required. [UPC9001-9002 " You can enter the symbol "[" instead of position "50" in the text. This way the program looks for the symbol "[" and begin to extract the next x characters. If you enter the "Field Length" 12, then the field "UPC9001-9002" will be put in the User-Defined field. The number of characters to extract is entered in "Field Length". This can be a maximum of 20 characters.

        Once these options are all entered, the program saves them for next time so you do not need to edit them again.

    • New Order Entry Control Option
        All new orders can now optionally be put "On Hold" automatically by RemoteDesk. This facilitates non-processing of all orders until certain internal requirements are met. This provides close control of all orders in the system preventing them from being sent to the Administrator or Exported to the accounting system before the HOLD is taken off.

        This option can be turned on in the Company Profile. Go to the "Processing Options" tab and click on the System Options Settings button. Look in the section call "Order Entry Settings" and click on the option "Do you want to set all new orders On Hold". Set this option to YES. If you want RD to process orders in the normal way, set this option to NO.

    • New Tax Calculation Option
        A new Tax Calculation option forces RemoteDesk to use the Customer Tax Status code in determining the tax for an order. In cases where customers may have their tax status changed or have the status determined by the order entry clerk this may be very useful. This option basically ignores the Item Tax Status and uses the Customers Tax Status. This new option can be set in the Company Profile, via the Process Options tab and clicking on the "System Options" Settings button. Scroll to the section called "General Processing Options". Look for the option called "Force tax calculations to use customer tax status?" Set this option to YES.

    • New fields added for ASCII
        The Import ASCII Data and Export ASCII Data Layouts have changed. All of the ASCII file layouts have changed in this version. Mostly in part to the additional 4th customer address line and country fields in customer, ship-to addresses and order files. The Item files have changed to include several other fields such as 2 additional user-defined fields and a price factor. The customer ASCII file also exports the default Tax Group set in RemoteDesk. Please refer to the RDASCIILayout.doc file in the \remotedesk folder or part of this update.

    • Enter New Orders has new fields.
        The customer bill-to address and customer ship-to address lines have increased to 4. This increase is compatible for the interface to ACCPAC for Windows. The two forms also show a new "Country" field which can be up to 20 characters long.

    • Updated Crystal Reports Print Libraries
        The RemoteDesk Crystal Libraries have been updated to support version 7.0 of Crystal Reports. This new version will not affect nor be affected by installed Crystal Reports programs or Crystal Info programs. It is imperative that all modified reports for RemoteDesk be saved as Crystal version 7 or lower.

      PTF fixes incorporated into this release;

    • Import Default User Defined fields from ACCPAC Windows IC
        The ACCPAC Inventory Control User Defined fields that are optionally setup in the "Options" form in ACCPAC can now be imported into RemoteDesk as a default in the user-defined fields. These optional fields appear in the lists where the "quantity on hand" and other fields are set up. The IC Optional fields can appear in either Text, Numeric or Date options in RemoteDesk.

        Setup: To access these fields, you must have the setting "Skip Item Optional Fields Form during Import Inventory" set to NO. This setting can be seen in the Company Profile on the Process Options tab and clicking on the "Settings" button. You should see the Settings for User-Defined Fields form when importing items.

    • ACCPAC Plus Interface and Discount/Markup Rounding
        There was a calculation rounding issue fixed where if the IC Pricing Option to "Round Up" was selected the program would not calculate as expected.

    • ACCPAC Windows Interface relating to pricing
        The A4W interface has been updated to fix a problem regarding pricing units of measure factor as it is managed in the Item Master record and the Item Price List record. The price factor would not be used correctly in the final price determination. Also changed was the Import Options box for Item import. The program was not correctly updating the "Item Location Code" box with the previously saved location. This is used to determine which quantity information is used in the RD Item records.

      RemoteDesk: Version 3.0 New Features - Feb 2001

    • Direct Support for the PocketPC handheld – RemoteDesk Administrator can now provide a direct interface to a handheld PocketPC device. RemoteDesk programs for the PocketPC called RemoteCE, is a new software add-on in the RemoteDesk family. A remote site in RemoteDesk can now be a PocketPC device in addition to a laptop or desktop PC. Company Profile Communications tab now provides for a PPC type site.
    • Direct Support for Sales Orders from Web Shopping Carts - RemoteDesk now provides options to automatically receive sales orders from Internet Service Providers that host on-line Shopping Carts. With new opportunities to have your orders taken on the Internet, RemoteDesk can receive them and post them to your accounting system for you without re-keying. A remote site can now be defined as a web shopping cart site when automation from an Internet ordering form is required. Contact Bravo sales for specific information or visit our website at:
    • New program option "Web" added to Process bar - A new program called "Web" found on the Process Bar will launch your default web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer to view web sites directly from RemoteDesk. This program is very useful when the sales person must get current information from the Internet in a quick and easy manner. You can add special corporate web pages, "hidden" pages, or informational web sites to the list for quick access from RemoteDesk. You can even access PC based or Intranet pages by simply entering the full drive and path such as C:\localweb\doit.htm. This new function replaces the "launch" option previously found here. The Launch option is used to start a pre-defined Batch script. It is now found on the drop-down menu FILE/ PROCESS/ LAUNCH.
    • New instant access to the RemoteDesk informational web site – Now you can get the most up-to-date information on RemoteDesk from our web site. To automatically launch your web browser, go the RemoteDesk About screen started from the Help drop-down menu, and click on the "Up-to-date Info on RemoteDesk" button. Your default browser is launched and you are taken to the RemoteDesk web site that contains all the latest information and updates on RemoteDesk.
    • New Quick Setup Wizard - When installing and starting RemoteDesk for the first time, a new RemoteDesk Setup Wizard opens up and takes the user through the important setup steps. These areas are communications settings, accounting interface and emptying the RemoteDesk sample database. All of the settings made through the wizard can be altered in the Company Profile. You can also re-start the Setup Wizard from the drop-down menu HELP/ SETUP WIZARD.
    • Improvements to the Receive program
    • New automated mail receiving and scheduling - you can now schedule E-mail box checking through the Receive mail program. The scheduler can be set to start at a particular time for a one time mail check or it can be set to check mail continuously every time period. The default is to check mail immediately.
    • Setting Scheduling:

      On the From? Tab on the Receive form, there are two main boxes, "Scheduling" and "Sources" .The "Scheduling" box contains the automated receive options. To begin the receive process immediately when the Receive button is clicked, click on the "Immediately" box. If you want to have the receive process check the mail box at a particular time, click on "Specific Time" and then in the select box, click on the small down arrow and choose "Check At". Set the time control to the desired time you want RemoteDesk to check the mailbox. Once this is done, click on the Receive button and RemoteDesk displays an activity box and a countdown timer. If you want to have your mailbox checked every so often, then click on "Check Every". Set the hours and minutes elapse time the Receive program is to wait between checking the mailbox. It will continue the Receive process until it is canceled. It is suggested that during this process the automatic update of all received files be enabled.

    • New automatic Update of Received Data – you can now have RemoteDesk Administrator automatically update remote client data when a Receive process has completed. At the Administrator PC, this process is optional. You can manually choose which data files, and which sites get updated first, OR now you can have the Update process act automatically by enabling the "Automatic Update" box on the Receive form. As data is brought in, the program will update the RemoteDesk database.
    • New event logs kept – There are new Receive event logs being kept. There are logs for the Internet, Office mail, PPC (handheld computer) process and Web order process as well as the standard general event log. To see the new logs click on the "Log" button on the Receive screen. There is a new selection window that you can choose the specific communications log to view. These are useful when investigating any problems that may have occurred during a Receive operation. The "Internet Log" records all of the communications between the Receiver and the Internet POP mail server. The "Office Mail" log shows events that occur between the Receiver program and the MS Exchange Mail server. The "PPC Order Log" shows the processing details of handheld orders that are being received. Some may have errors that would not otherwise be recorded in the system. The "Web orders log" shows the processing details of sales orders received from the Internet shopping cart system.
    • New accounting systems support for Softrak System’s Adagio and also for SAP Accounting.
    • Improvements to the Send program
    • New automated mail sending and scheduling - you can now schedule when E-mail is to be checked in the Send mail program. The scheduler can be set to start at a particular time to send mail to all remote sites that have been selected check. As a remote site, the sending to the Administrator can be scheduled. This helps in environments where communications lines are very busy during certain hours and the send operation can be done during off peak hours instead for reliable communications. The default is to send mail immediately.
    • New event log kept – There is a new sending event log specifically for the Internet being recorded. To see this new log click on the "Log" button on the Send screen. Choose "Internet Log" option in the selection window. There is the standard log of all communications events or the specific Internet log. This log is very useful when trying to determine problems that may have occurred during the Internet operation. The log records all of the communications between the sender and the Internet SMTP mail server.
    • New protection in Remote Maintenance – Additional protection for accidental "Registering" or "Unregistering" of remote sites has been added to this function. There is a new Unlock tick box that must be toggled before the Register or Unregister buttons are accessible. The buttons will not be enabled until the operator clicks into the Unlock box. Additional warning messages describing each buttons function has also been added.
    • New System Settings in Company Profile – A new button on the Process Options tab on the Company Profile form has been added called "System Settings". This button provides access to many global RemoteDesk options previously only accessible through direct editing of the Bravo.INI file. These options affect all aspect of the RemoteDesk operation. A detail description of each option can be found in the Technical Notes section on the Product CD called "systemsettings.htm".
    • Changing options – The System Settings form consists of a scroll box of all the global system options that can be changed. Each of the options and their current settings can be seen in the list. In some cases the settings are a multiple choice. To see or change any option double-click on that option. The complete settings associated with the selected option are displayed in the section below the scroll box. The setting for the current option can be changed with a single click to any of the settings for the option. In some cases this can have reaching effects in the RemoteDesk system. It is advised that you consult the documentation on these options before making any changes.
    • Order Entry Improvements

    • Customer Number assignments is now handled through a new pop-up box. This box indicates that a new customer record is being added and allows the user to either use the RemoteDesk auto-numbering feature for customer IDs, or to enter the customer number to be used.
    • New Error checking – Before an order is saved, the program verifies that certain fields on the order have been filled in for completeness. The fields checked are Customer ID, sales person ID, territory, terms code, location code, and detail item codes. If a field is in error, the program changes its field description to the color RED. If an item code is missing or incorrect, the program marks the line description field with "ERR". The program will not save an order that has errors.
    • System option "Allow changes to Sent Orders"– When this option in the Company Profile is set ON, the orders that have been sent from the Remote site to the Administrator can be altered and modified. When a sent order is changed, the order entry program then resets the "sent" status back to "not sent" and next time orders are sent to head office, any modified orders will also be sent again. At the head office, these re-sent orders are updated in RemoteDesk. Changes can be made to orders BEFORE they are posted to accounting. Note that once orders are posted to accounting, any subsequent changes to orders must be manually made in the accounting system.
    • Import process changes – The import program has changed to reduce the number of pop-up forms during the actual process. When importing the Item, Customer or Ship-to address tables, a screen box with the options Only Update and Replace List shows the two ways the RemoteDesk table can be updated. The Only Update option adds and replaces new changes from the accounting database, never deletes. The Replace List option, empties the RemoteDesk table first and then brings in all of the related data from the accounting system. The Import process previously always displayed and prompted for some user options. Now these forms can be entered once and the form skipped on subsequent operations.
    • Improved audit for inbound and outbound order tracking - The Detailed Order Audit report, which shows all orders created, modified, deleted, exported, sent and received by date/time, contains new information for Send and Receive processes. The processes Send and Receive now update the order audit with the sequential batch ID for each order in their order reference field that appears on the report. In this way the actual batch (RD data packet) the order was sent in can now be determined. Previously only the date and time were indicated.
    • -----------------------

      Changes in PTF 2.5.4 - included with 3.0 release

    • Internet Dial-up and access– The Internet access routines for sending and receiving over the Internet have all been updated. In particular you will notice quicker loading and operation as well, fewer Windows system resources are required. There is better message feedback of current operations as well as a new detailed Internet log on the Send and Receive forms in RemoteDesk. You will notice some screen display differences.
    • Data compression and encryption– programs have been updated. This should result in fewer problems with Windows resources. You will not notice any operational differences.
    • RemoteDesk Registration time-stamp file– has now been moved to the \database folder as well as the program now saves the BRAVO.INI file to this folder. This will allow database backups to occur easier as only one folder "\database " now has to be copied and backed up for complete RD system and data settings to be saved.
    • A new program option "File Utilities"– has been added as a utility that will data file checking and rebuilding of index files in the RemoteDesk database. This new option is accessed by running "Create New Data" program and clicking on the "Options" button, then clicking on the "File Utilities" button on the Options form. This is useful for files such as Order header and detail tables, order status table, customer table and inventory table. This new option would be used in the event the regular RemoteDesk File Maintenance program found a data table error through the "Pack Table" function and you were unable to re-receive an update from head office. To use the rebuild or check integrity, click on the single table you want to examine from the "Options" form and then click on "File Utilities" button. On the File Utilities form, click on Rebuild Table or Check Data Integrity or both.

    • RemoteDesk: Version 2.5 New Features - Aug 2000

    • 1. Enhanced Item Import
        The program now provides item selection criteria to be used for importing. The options are:
        (1) Item Number Range
        (2) Category Range
        (3) Report Group Range
        (4) Price List Selection. - within price list selection, each price list can be toggled on or off for even more options. When using price list selection, the order entry of items is limited to those items belonging to the current price list for the current order. The items belonging to price lists, now display the item description kept on each individual price list.

    • 2. ACCPAC Windows Invoicer and Order Interface
        The invoice batch from RemoteDesk has been updated to allow the RemoteDesk Invoice number to also be used in ACCPAC OE and AR. The "Force ACCPAC Pricing" option now provides the user with the ability to use only ACCPAC pricing or to accept all pricing from RemoteDesk.

    • 3. Detail Order Entry and Price Lists
        Improvements have been made to the way RemoteDesk picks up information from the ACCPAC price lists. A noticeable change is that the price list descriptions for each item are now displayed and the item selection box now displays the default pricing for each item. The program keeps a master list of all items read from ACCPAC. When the detail lines are entered, the screen indicates if the items are active in the customers price list and prohibits entry if the items are not active there.

    • 4. ACCPAC Windows Invoicing and order Interface
        The invoice batch from RemoteDesk has been updated to ensure that the RemoteDesk invoice number is also used in ACCPAC O/E and A/R. There was a problem corrected that would occasionally duplicate the last detail line of an order or invoice. The "Force ACCPAC Pricing" option now give the user the ability to use only ACCPAC pricing or to accept all pricing from RemoteDesk client sites.

    • 5. Detail Order Entry
        There is a new option available during item entry to show a price box that contains all of the pricing discount levels for an item. This box pops up during price entry and displays other pricing discounts for the current item. This box can also optionally show the item cost as well. The option is set in the BRAVO.INI file as follows:
        [Process Options]
        PopupPriceBox=0 (default no display)
        PopupPriceBox=1 (show all price levels)
        PopupPriceBox=2 (show all price levels including item cost)

    • 6. Edit Remote Site Options
        If a remote site was created and registered without entering any Order Entry Settings an empty table was created. Later when the user wanted to change these settings an error message such as "Settings for site R02 are not found, try deleting the site and recreate it". The program now will insert a new record to circumvent the need to delete and recreate sites.

    • 7. ACCPAC Interface and Softline Contact Master
        Users with Softline's Contact Master would encounter conflicting path problems when RemoteDesk accesses the ACCPAC Plus database. There is now an option that can be set in the BRAVO.INI file to remove the creation of certain files that cause this conflict.
        [DATA OPTIONS]
        CreateSSDBIEZFiles=1 (default)
        CreateSSDBIEZFiles=0 (does not create any path files)

    • 8. Windows system resources checking
        RemoteDesk can use many system resources at times, in particular during communications. RemoteDesk now displays and checks the PC's memory and paging resources before starting any program. The default free resources must be 5% of the total system RAM. The program also displays virtual paging resources left free on the RemoteDesk desktop. You can also check system resources in the HELP/About drop down menu option. This default setting can be changed in the BRAVO.INI file. We would recommend not going much below 5%.
        MinSystemResrcs=0 (default)

    • 9. Monthly Maintenance
        The Monthly Maintenance program which deletes old documents and packs existing tables (File/Maintenance) has been updated. The Pack Table option now displays each of the RemoteDesk tables as they are being updated and can indicate if there is any data integrity problem during the packing. This program also clears out accumulating communications logs which can become quite lengthy. Note that this monthly process does not clear out the Audit Reports which also continuously accumulate and can become large. These should be cleared periodically by printing the report to paper or the screen and then purging when prompted by the program.

    • 10. Edit Company Profile
        When the A/R Invoicer is installed and the ACCPAC Windows interface is enabled, the "Settings" button on the Data Options tab allows the user to select A/R or O/E to interface to. When the A/R option was selected, it would not be saved correctly. This has been updated.

    • 11. Monthly Maintenance
        Updates were made to this function to provide for better processing feedback and database integrity checking.

    • 12.Data Conversion
        The data conversion program has been updated for users who are converting from a version prior to 2.4 . This change also checks to ensure all dates in orders and invoices have a valid century.

    • 13.ACCPAC Windows Invoices
        A change to the program now checks to ensure that quantity shipped is written when the ACCPAC option "Allow quantity shipped on orders" is set in OE.

    • 14.Invoice Entry
        Allows credits on invoices to be entered. You can enter a negative quantity ordered and/or a negative amount. However, the amount of credit cannot exceed an invoice balance of zero. That is the invoice cannot be (-) negative in total.

    • 15. Order Inquiry/ Order Status Inquiry
        In some circumstances a query statement would create an empty display list depending on the Windows date format. This has been corrected.

    • 16. ACCPAC Plus Import
        During the import step of customers and items, there could be record locks in the ACCPAC Plus system that would prevent the files from being completely read in. A new message now notifies the user of this conflict and allows the user to retry the reading of the records or to cancel the import.

      RemoteDesk: Version 2.4 New Features - Jan 2000


    • 1. ACCPAC Windows users must set up a new template before proceeding. See RDOESetup.Doc located on the CD-ROM or read the following RemoteDesk Windows OE Setup

    • 1. Year 2000 Compliant
        All screens, imports, exports, and reports have been updated to accept year 2000 dates, both before and after.

    • 2. ACCPAC Windows RD Direct Post Icon
        The ACCPAC Windows O/E Interface has been changed to allow for a more robust interface. RemoteDesk installs a macro template into the ACCPAC Windows macro directory, which facilitates order and invoice posting. Orders can now have quantity shipped filled in if required, invoices can be posted which automatically create an original sales order and new invoice. Document numbering options are available. An ICON is added to the O/E desktop to post the RD orders and invoices to Order Entry. Follow the RemoteDesk Upgrade Notice Appendix A for all the necessary upgrade instructions.

    • 3. Fractional Quantity Support
        Import items checks the fractional quantities setting in IC and updates the item files for both ACCPAC Plus and ACCPAC Windows.

    • 4. Ship Via Table Support
        Added the import of the Ship Via table with customer import. The Import from ACCPAC has been updated to include a direct import of Ship-Via descriptions. Previously the program would only use the ship-via descriptions used on the customer master records. This is updated for both ACCPAC DOS and ACCPAC Windows when customer records are imported.

    • 5. Ship Quantity equals Quantity Ordered
        Exporting sales orders to ACCPAC can optionally set the Ship Quantity to be the same as the Quantity Ordered. This is done under the "Settings" option point#8.

    • 6. Single Segment Item Justification
        ACCPAC DOS items defined with single segment item code now have an option to left-justify or right-justify the items codes on import into RemoteDesk. When Right Justified, the item codes retain their natural sorting in ACCPAC. When the codes are Left Justified the codes can be accessed quickly using the RemoteDesk single letter type-ahead entry in the Order Entry screens.
        Feature Technical:
        There is an INI file setting to set this feature.
        [Data Options]
        LJItemCode=1 will turn the left justification on when items are imported. The default is off =0 which leaves the natural right-justification on item codes.

    • 7. Btrieve Update
        Includes support for the new Pervasive.SQL 7.0 and 2000 Btrieve products. Pervasive is no longer supporting the Btrieve 6.15. However RemoteDesk is now backward compatible with Btrieve 6.15 and the Pervasive.SQL Anyone with ACCPAC Windows version 4 or greater now requires this version.

    • 8. Additional ACCPAC Settings
        A new option was added to the "Data Options" tab of the Company Profile. This "Settings" button has a number of options added that are valid for ACCPAC DOS or ACCPAC Windows interface. There are two interface options for passing orders or invoices, ACCPAC O/E or to A/R. Note the A/R Interface option is only available when ACCPAC Windows and RemoteDesk Invoicer Option is installed. O/E Interface Options:
          1. Use ACCPAC auto-numbering (dimmed for ACCPAC Plus)
          2. Set quantity shipped on orders
          3. Force ACCPAC pricing on orders - The Export of Orders to ACCPAC Plus O/E no longer prompts for 'Set all item pricing to ACCPAC default?' while sending. This option setting expedites the process.
          4. Use AR sales person split (dimmed for ACCPAC Plus)
          For ACCPAC Plus users there are several additional options, they are set in the RemoteDesk ACCPAC Plus Gateway rather than through here.

    • 9. Order Status Improved
        The Order Status now includes a new memo field that reflects the contents of the ACCPAC Order Entry header comment fields. This new memo field also keeps some details on the last invoice that was created from the sales order being displayed. The head office clerk can now insert a specific comment in the header comment area that is passed back to the remote offices concerning the order.

    • 10.Streamlined Data Entry
        The RemoteDesk order entry screen has also had improved messaging added and streamlined keystroke improvements made. The program now starts with a blank order screen as opposed to the first order in the file being displayed. The user can enter an existing order number or make a query on a customer record. Date checking is enforced. Data entry in the order number and the customer number fields has been improved to allow direct record access when the right key is entered. The program will inform you on the status of the key entered.

    • 11.Smart Customer Finder
        The Customer Number Finder can be "seeded" with a customer number, then the finder clicked and the window will position to the nearest customer number found. In this way you don't have to scroll through all the customers to find the one you want.

    • 12.Integrated Credit Limit Check with Updater
        A new Credit Limit check is done when the order or invoice is added. The program adds the current order value with the customers balance outstanding and this must be less that the customers credit limit. If not, the program displays a warning message on the save screen. The user at this time could put the document on HOLD to then be passed onto ACCPAC. Also during Export of sales orders to ACCPAC Windows the program checks the customers credit limit and may put the sales order On Hold if the credit limit has been exceeded. The Export program will also show a warning message to this effect.

    • 13.International Version
        Now supports true International Settings - This version includes improved date handling and wider date formatting options through the Windows Regional Settings in the Control Panel. RemoteDesk now accepts international currency formatting and variable decimal requirements from 0 to 3 decimals as is set in Regional Settings.

    • 14.Reports Updated for Y2k and International
        Report layouts updated All of the various audit reports in RemoteDesk have been updated to allow for year 2000, international date and currency formatting. The standard quote, order and invoice form layouts have also been updated.

        There were also pagination and line printing changes. These new reports are copied to the \remotedesk\reports folder and have a ".24" file extension to avoid conflicting with your current layouts. If you want to use these, simply delete or rename your order layout for example RDORDER.RPT, and rename the RDORDERS.24 to the RPT extension.

    • 15. Additional Settings for system flexibility
        Additional INI Settings There have been a few settings requests, and because of their uniqueness, we have added them to the INI file to allow for the control of some very specific ways RemoteDesk operates. To avoid complex option screens these are only documented in the technical appendix and are only available through direct INI editing. Under the Process Options settings you can change
        [Process Options]
        SetNewCustOnHold =1 (default - automatically puts new customers on hold)
        =0 Any new customers added will not be put on hold
        AfterSaveOrderDo =1 (default - prompts for next new order)
        =2 (Prompt to print recently saved order)
        AllowProcessOnHold=0 (default -orders that are on Hold will not be exported or sent - this will prevent head office receiving orders for customers on hold)
        =1 (Orders will be sent, even if customer on hold)


      And now for the changes to incorporate 2 add-ons; RemoteDesk Invoicer for OE, and RemoteDesk Invoicer for A/R. These will not apply to you if you are simply using the Orders option included with the product.

    • 16. ACCPAC Plus Multiple Document Handling Support
        ACCPAC Plus Interface has been changed to handle multiple document types with the RemoteDesk Invoicer Option installed. Previously you could only create invoices or only orders. The user-defined-field-1 of the item record is now used for "Shipped Quantity" when the new option in the Company Profile "Allows Orders and Invoices" is turned on. Documents can be saved as orders or invoices in RemoteDesk. Back at the head office, orders and invoices are passed to ACCPAC Plus O/E.

    • 17. ACCPAC Windows Multiple Document Handling Support
        ACCPAC Windows Interface has been changed to handle multiple document types with the RemoteDesk Invoicer Option installed. Previously you could only create sales orders. The user-defined-field-1 of the item record is now used for "Shipped Quantity" when the new option in the Company Profile "Allows Orders and Invoices" is turned on. Documents can be saved as orders or invoices in RemoteDesk. Back at the head office, orders and invoices are passed to ACCPAC Windows O/E.

    • 18. ACCPAC for Windows AR Invoicer Interface
        Added support for API interfacing to ACCPAC Windows A/R. Uses A/R item codes and pricing rather than ACCPAC IC. RemoteDesk uses A/R item codes and pricing rather than ACCPAC Inventory Control. All customer master information remains the same as it comes from ACCPAC A/R. The Export of RemoteDesk invoices creates a special interface file for feeding directly to an Accounts Receivable invoice batch. An ICON is added to the A/R desktop to post the RD invoices to a new invoice batch.
        Note 1 - To use the RemoteDesk to ACCPAC Windows Accounts Receivable interface, the RemoteDesk Invoicer for Windows AR add-on is required.

    • 19. New Company Profile Settings
        "Allow Orders and Invoices" is now available for users of the RD Invoicer Add-on. Otherwise the option is not seen. This must be set to provide multiple document types, orders and invoices in RemoteDesk. It determines whether the order entry program allows saving of orders or invoices. When the switch is on, the user-defined-field-1 is dimmed and no longer editable and set to track "Qty Shipped". If this switch is off, only invoices are created.

    • 20. Tax Rounding Fix
        RemoteDesk with Invoicing option - Tax rounding from RemoteDesk to ACCPAC Plus and ACCPAC Windows integration has been improved. There would be some scenarios that would create rounding total problems.

    • 21. ACCPAC Plus Gateway Multiple Document Handling Support
        The RD ACCPAC Plus Gateway programs have also been updated to support multiple document types. This separate product disk must be installed through ACCPAC Plus System Manager.

      RemoteDesk: Version 2.3.1 New Features - Aug 99

    • Order quantity decimals
        ACCPAC for Windows interface has been updated to support multiple decimal points in item quantities. This option must be turned on in A4W before importing the inventory files into RemoteDesk.

    • Customers over Credit Limit
        The ACCPAC for Windows interface has been improved. During Export of new sales orders to ACCPAC, the program puts the customer on hold when over their credit, but still lets it get posted but with a warning to the user.

    • Program changes and patches

      • New Items being Imported
          When recently added inventory items are being imported and they have not had any inventory receipts posted, RD would report the quantity on hand incorrectly. This is now fixed.
      • Order Status Completion Date
          The Completion date on orders from ACCPAC Windows was set incorrectly to the order date. This is now the last invoice date.
      • Month end Purge and Clearing
          The Month end program has been updated to notify users of corrupt data files and incomplete purging. The program would previously hang with corrupted files. The program will report if there are no transactions to purge with the 'give date' options. A new last Process date has also been added to the top of the form to indicate when month end was last done.
      • Single segment Item codes in ACCPAC Plus
          Order Entry would not allow deletion of detail lines with single segment item codes. This now works correctly.
      • Detail Line Order Entry
          Some improvements have been made with respect to users using the TAB versus the ENTER key in detail entry. The program previously would respond differently. This has been made consistent.
      • New Remote Sites Starting Communications
          In some cases the remote site when starting communications for the first time would get Office Mail being used in addition to Internet Mail. This would cause Office Mail failures although the program would continue to start Internet Mail as well. This has been improved.
      • New Order, Quote and Invoice Forms
          The standard forms for these documents have been updated for better pagination handling. By default these are not installed to prevent overwriting existing forms.
      • Receive Mail Messages
          The error messages in Receive Mail have been updated to better identify the problem causing the error with optional remedies where appropriate.

      RemoteDesk: Version 2.3 New Features - May 99

    • Over 10 times faster processing speeds
        Improved performance for integration to ACCPAC for Windows and Great Plains Dynamics Btrieve accounting systems. The Pervasive ODBC drivers are no longer required. RemoteDesk now uses proprietary ACCPAC access methods for ACCPAC integration. For Great Plains, imbedded Btrieve access methods are being utilized.

    • Support for Negative Invoices
        The Order Entry module was updated to allow negative amounts on line items. This would have the effect of passing credit notes back to the accounting system.

    • New Feature for Send Orders
        For data collection the default is to now send ALL Orders or (invoices) including those ON HOLD. No need to specify individually.

        You may need to modify the INI file if necessary.

        Added INI flag to control sending of orders/invoices that are on hold

        default=YES ,
        [Send Options]
        Setting this to 0 will NOT Send new Orders or Invoices that are ON HOLD

    • New Feature for Export Orders
        The Export has been modified to allow Re-Export of sales orders to ACCPAC for Windows O/E. The Export program also provides better error reporting.

    • Create New Data Feature
        This allows for selected file clearing. The 'Options' button has a complete list of files that can be emptied. The default is all files. This is a helpful feature when you want to start again without clearing all the imported tables.

    • Improvements
      • Order item pricing - Allows for 'Pricing unit of measure' in extended price calculations. Only stocking unit of measure was previously considered.
      • Order detail entry - improvements to detail line entry and display messages as well as order entry have been made.
      • The Company Profile Print program has been updated to incorporate all fields in the Communications section.
      • Printing orders/ invoices from the Order Entry module has been optimized to display fewer screens when printing to printer. (Set in File/ Printer Destinations)

    • Handheld ASCII Order Import Support
        Added additional support for ASCII files that are very sparse for order imports. Examples include files sourcing from handhelds, Palm Tops and Scanners. Defaults are automatically filled in from Item and Customer master records. Also improved error detection. Changed SITEID on imported files to be the site that does the importing. The Ascii import also handles pricing by price lists.

    • Great Plains Dynamics Compatibility
        This version is now compatible with Dynamics version 5.0. Compatibility with version 3.2 has been discontinued.

      RemoteDesk: Version 2.2.2c New Features - Jan. 99

    • Allows for Pricing unit of measure in extended price calculations. Previously assumed only stocking unit of measure. Small changes were also made to the order detail entry form where it checks for proper entry and field values eliminating odd error messages.

    • Inventory item imports into RemoteDesk now considers the Pricing Unit of Measure for RD calculations later. Also in the ACCPAC Windows interface some improvements for the ODBC link was made. The linking to the databases is now checked to ensure the termination of the connection is handled gracefully through try/except for import and export. In the past a failed connection would get exception errors.

    • Handles requirements for Pricing units of measure during the import of price lists.

    • Ascii order import - Added additional support for ASCII files that are very sparse for order imports. Defaults are filled in from Items and Customer master records. Also improved error detection.

    • Ascii order import - Changed SITEID on imported files from H01 to be the site that does the importing. This would cause the data not to be seen by remotes after it was imported..

    • Ascii order import - now handles pricing by price lists. A4W uses a default list that must be used. If customers have a specific price list, the program will use that as well for item pricing on imported orders.

    • Improved handling of importing sparsely populated order header/detail records. Improved error detection.

      RemoteDesk: Version 2.2.2b New Features - Sept. 98

    • Support for RemoteDesk Invoicer **New Product**

      • RemoteDesk now has a new add-on, RemoteDesk Invoicer. This version was updated to integrate with this add-on. RemoteDesk allows itself to be modified to have the ability to create invoices, print invoices and send invoices for head office updating.

    • New Sample Data

      • Sample data has been updated, improved, and populated to allow detailed testing for a multitude of scenarios.

      RemoteDesk: Version 2.2.2a New Features - May 98

    • Support for multiple Item Price Lists:

      • RemoteDesk now imports ACCPAC price lists associated with inventory items keeping a separate table and maintains Customer Record Price List.

    • Bar Coding and Scanning integration

      • Additional Item Optional Field Defaults such as "vendors part number" kept with the inventory record in ACCPAC for reference or as an integration spot for external bar coding and scanning applications to reference RemoteDesk part numbers and create sales orders externally.

    • Enhanced Item Pricing

      • Items can now be priced with quantity break calculations in addition to discounts by pricing levels. The program also uses price rounding information such as "Round to the nearest .05 cents." in item price calculations.

    • Miscellaneous charge description

      • During data entry for miscellaneous charges on an order, the program allows the charge description to be changed on the order or quote from your default settings.

    • New customer fields added

      • Tax exempt fields - kept on the customer master record. The defaults are imported with any ASCII or ACCPAC import and can be edited through the Customer/ Ship-To Maintenance program.

      • Current customer A/R balance

      • Last payment date for tracking customers current status

      • Address field mapping - When importing customer master information from ACCPAC, there is a need to tell RemoteDesk on which lines to look for the city and state/province information. Companies may user address lines, 2, 3 or 4 for this information. This allows RemoteDesk to consistently read and add new customer records to the A/R database following company conventions.

    • Enhanced E-Mail box access

      • to various systems and gateways.

    • RemoteDesk: Version 2.1 New Features - Jan. 98

    • Set Commission Levels on import:

      • Allows the user to enable/disable "Set commission level on imported orders"

    • New Add-on for Apparel Pac

      • In RemoteDesk the order entry screen changes in the "Comment Tab" on header screen.

      • In ACCPAC Plus it enables the user to select "quantity available"

      • Customizes the comment field 2 in the OE header for export to ACCPAC Plus

      • Enables the user to select from the drop down list box in the optional item fields.

    • RemoteDesk: Version 2.0.4 New Features - Sept. 97

    • Communications:

      • A new communication option now provides support for Lotus cc.Mail servers version 6.0 or greater. Companies using cc.Mail can now integrate RemoteDesk to provide electronic commerce links to external or internal PCs using cc.Mail as their e-mail server.

      • Communications Tab in the Company Profile now allows you to establish unique internet mail servers for sending and receiving. If your Internet ISP only uses one server name for mail, then enter both fields with the same name.

      • Communications Tab for Remote PC users is no longer dimmed after e-mail is sent or received. This allows e-mail addresses to be manually updated after registration.

      • Remote PC registration process has been updated to allow the Administrator to register a single remote site without the completed product registration from BSG.

      • Communications processes have had a number of improvements made relating to using combinations of direct Internet, office exchange and external mail options between the administrator and numerous remote PCs.

    • Profile and Setup:

      • A new addition for Remote Base Type has been added to support web server based order processing using an Internet browser such as Netscape or Explorer. This now allows the RemoteDesk Administrator to communicate to a web server that is maintaining an order entry database on a web page. Contact BSG for more information about the browser / web page based order entry.

      • The Communications option supports an external method by allowing individual encrypted data files to be manually handled. The user can send and receive these files manually using whatever file transfer method or communications process that may be required. This would include separate modem communications.

    • Send Process:

      • A new summary screen gives the count of files and /or e-mail's that have been sent. This indicates whether there was any data sent.

    • Remote Client:

      • For simplified setup the "Create New Data" icon in the Remote Client can no longer be used. The remote PC receives all of its data and setup parameters from the Administrator to prevent accidental data loss or invalid entries.

    • Order Detail Entry:

      • When items are being searched for by description, the program now defaults the last "found" item in the scroll box so that it can be recalled quickly by pressing ENTER after ESCAPE is pressed to terminate the search box.

      • When entering Miscellaneous charges, the user can now modify the quantity field which defaults to one.

    • RemoteDesk: Version 2.0 New Features

    • RemoteDesk is now a full 32 bit application

      • The most significant update to RemoteDesk version 2.0 is the fact that it is now a full 32 bit application. This was made necessary to provide better integration to the new Windows 95 Exchange and Network Dialing options. RemoteDesk is MAPI compliant and is able to work with applications such as Lotus Notes. Additionally, many 32 bit environment features are now incorporated.

        RemoteDesk's use of existing Internet dialers and connections has also been enhanced for more compatibility. Note with this change, Windows 3.11 is no longer supported.

      • SMTP and POP3 Support

        • The communications setup in the Company Profile now provides for unique server names for each of the SMTP Host and POP3 servers. Note when communications is defined in RemoteDesk, both inbound and outbound mail names must be specified.

      • New Integration Add-Ons for ACT! and Goldmine

        • RemoteDesk now supports integration to contact management software. The first two contact management Add-Ons available for RemoteDesk are ACT! and GoldMine. They can be installed from the product CD for a free 30 day trial period. The Company Profile Data Options tab now has added a field for your contact management software data path.

      • Enhancements to Communications and Message Trails

        • The communications programs have been improved for better operation and integration to various environments. The communication logs and screen dialogs have more detailed status messages to better track progress.