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Bravo Software Group have been creating leading edge software solutions for ACCPAC integration since 1985. We are dedicated to our dealers and end users, and guarantee quality software solutions, support and service.

Remote Order Entry

Automatically posts external orders, invoices and credit notes

Profit from your remote orders!

Remote Order Entry allows your head office to receive orders, invoices, and credit notes from a branch office or salesperson, for direct posting into ACCPAC Plus Order Entry.

Full featured menu driven system that provides powerful import and export, automatic invoicing, order number assignment, built-in remote communication and detailed audit trails.

Centralizes accounting functions and maintains complete order and invoice history for all branches.

Save time and money from orders without errors!

  • Increase the speed and accuracy from electronic processing of order, invoice and credit note transactions

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

  • Improve customer service and reduce overhead by centralizing order and invoice history

Discover how to save time with...

  • To get an understanding of how the product works, feel free to download or view a PDF version of the manual.
  • Should I be looking at RemoteDesk?

    Price of Remote Order Entry: $ 995.00 - That's the cost of 1 lost order!

  • Additional License Fee Notice

    No more re-keying or delays in order processing!...Order Now

    Remote O/E is fast, easy and economical!

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