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Bravo Software Group have been creating leading edge software solutions for ACCPAC integration since 1985. We are dedicated to our dealers and end users, and guarantee quality software solutions, support and service.

Remote OE Windows

- for ACCPAC Advantage Series

  • We have released our newest product Remote OE for Windows which follows similar functionality to our successful Remote OE for ACCPAC Plus, but offers greater flexibility and power, taking advantage of Windows and new technologies.


    • Centralized collection of sales orders, invoices and credit notes
    • Head office automatically posts external orders, invoices and credit notes
    • Built-in internet e-mail communications simplify the send, controls the data compression and encrypts the data packet for enhanced security
    • Data Synchronization features provides remote updating of key accounting data files to ensure all offices have accurate data such as customer records and item pricing for complete accuracy
      • Optional Data Synchronization Add-on provides remote reference information for;
        • Order Entry sales summaries and statistics
        • Item quantity by location
        • Customer credit limit and account balance
        • All master price lists

    Profit from your remote orders!

    • Remote Order Entry allows your head office to receive orders, invoices, and/or credit notes from a branch office or salesperson, for direct posting into ACCPAC for Windows
    • Full featured menu driven system that provides powerful import and export, automatic invoicing, order number assignment, built-in remote communication and detailed audit trails
    • Centralizes accounting functions and maintains complete order and invoice history for all branches

    Save time and money from orders without errors!

    • Increase the speed and accuracy from electronic processing of order, invoice and credit note transactions
    • Document tracking prevents duplicate documents from being sent to the head office
    • Able to support unlimited remote laptops or external offices
    • Simple user-interface requires virtually no training to use

    Customer satisfaction guaranteed

    • Improve customer service and reduce overhead by centralizing order and invoice history
    • Audit reports contain all inbound and outbound transactions sent and received
  • To get an understanding of how the product works, feel free to download or
    view a PDF version of the manual

    RemoteOE.W - $1695.00
    *this module includes 1 remote site, orders version only.

    Remote Client Sites:
    These are the costs of the remote sites. They work in conjunction with your ACCPAC Windows. You only need to purchase one of them, whichever you select will provide you with required functionality.
    RemoteOE.W Orders - $695
    RemoteOE.W Invoices - $895 (Includes orders and invoices)
    RemoteOE.W Credit Notes - $995 (Includes orders, invoices and credit notes)

    *CustomerCare: 1 year membership, mandatory for first year: $1295

    Now Available!
    In addition to the above remote client sites you can add RemoteSync, the database synchronizer which allows you to update only from head office to the remote sites, without worrying about overwriting files, without large database transfers, PC Anywhere file transfers, CD transfers, and having multiple datasets with information that does not match.

    The modules and costs for RemoteSync are as follows;
    RemoteSync - head office location
    - A/R files - $595.
    - IC files - $595
    - OE History - $595
    All three - $1495
    - The head office version is a one-time purchase, now you just need to pay to activate each remote site.

    RemoteSync - Remote Site activator - $295. (this price remains constant whether you are using one RemoteSync module or all three)

    So a typical installation would look as follows;
    Remote OE.W - $1695
    -includes 1 remote site, order processing.

    If you wanted to have them do invoicing and credit notes also, that would cost $995 for the remote location

    - If you then wanted the remote location to always have the latest customer and item files, that would be $1190 for the head office location, and $295 to activate each remote site
    Total installation of Remote OE.W, with full remote capabilities and RemoteSync is $4175.

    Additional remote sites, with RemoteSync, would range from $790 to $1090.

    ** CustomerCare fee is for first 5 remotes. Additional remotes start at $200 per, but a significant discount is offered depending on volume.
  • Increase your revenues while decreasing your overhead!

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